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Thought lost for the last 90 years, a roll played by Scott Joplin has finally come to light.
Hear it now!


"In April, May, and June of 1916, Joplin made seven hand-played piano rolls, six for the Connorized Company and one for Uni-Record... A sixth roll, Pleasant Moments, was advertised in the Connorized catalogue, but no copy has been found".

"King of Ragtime - Scott Joplin and His Era" by Edward A. Berlin

In what may be the greatest discovery in the jazz and ragtime piano roll field since Jelly Roll Morton's lost roll "The Pearls" resurfaced in Massachusetts, the lost roll Scott Joplin recorded for Connorized in 1916, Pleasant Moments - Ragtime Waltz, has been found.

I discovered the roll in an Ebay purchase, in the incorrect box. As a fan of ragtime, I knew instantly that this was the lost Joplin roll that collectors had been seeking for forty years or more.

Thanks to the development of roll scanning technology, within 2 hours of the roll arriving at my house, it had traveled by e-mail to Wiltshire, England, where the punch matrix was recovered by Anthony Robinson. In layman's terms, the punch matrix means that perforations can only be in certain places. The recovery uses this mathematical principle to eliminate all errors caused by the original perforating machinery and the roll scanning equipment, allowing a perfect replica of a production roll to be created.

Click here to listen to a MIDI file of the scanned roll

The recovered roll file was then perforated in London and recorded by pianolist extraordinaire Mr. Worn Axles on a Steck grand piano.

Click here to listen to an mp3 of the roll, realised by Worn Axles. (2.1mb)

The roll file was also emailed to Nevada, where Bob Billings will perforate high-quality copies. These will be painstakingly checked to ensure accuracy, and soon be offered for sale.

None of this would have been possible without the marvellous technology that has been developed over the last decade by those dedicated to the preservation of player rolls.

I produced and sold over 80 recut copies of the 'Pleasant Moments' roll in two versions - an edited version, that corrected the mistakes while leaving everything else original, and a completely unedited version, with the mistakes intact. The production run has now finished.